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The Lovejoy Independent School District Adopted a Tax Rate that will raise more taxes for maintenance and operations than last year's tax rate.                                               Congratulations to the Class of 2017!  We are #lovejoyproud!                                                   Now Accepting Pre-Kindergarten - 12th Grade Tuition Based Enrollment  Contact:                                                                                      #lovewhereyoulearn

Lovejoy High School AP Staff

AP Courses and Teachers
Lovejoy High School
2016 – 2017
Art History Amanda Beller
Biology Sadaf Syed
Calculus (AB & BC) Keith Christian
Chemistry Jason Taylor
Computer Science (A) Pam Ford
English Language & Composition
Jasen Eairheart
English Language & Composition
Mary Shaw
English Literature & Composition
Mike Motsney
Environmental Science
Pam Simmons-Brooks
European History Beverly Smith
French Language & Culture
Melody Mozley
Human Geography Homa Lewis
Macroeconomics Bruce Dillow
Music Theory Nathan Dame
Physics 1 Bryce Sawyers 
Physics 2 & C Dirk Horst
Psychology John Baker
Psychology Jason Wilson
Research Cheryl Anderson
Seminar Cheryl Anderson
Spanish Language Seth Sartain
Spanish Literature Michael Allred
Statistics Darla Emerson
Studio Art (2-D & Drawing)
Brice McCasland
Studio Art (3 D) Jeff Seidel
Studio Art (2-D Photo)
Brice McCasland
U. S. History Brandon Barter
U.S. Government & Politics
Jeff Roberts
World History Ashley Bonilla
World History John Gore