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Lovejoy ISD Juniors Take SAT at No Cost

Lovejoy ISD Juniors Take SAT at No Cost

Lovejoy ISD has designated March 3, 2021, as a schoolwide testing day for all eleventh-grade students to take the SAT college entrance exam at no cost. The SAT is a widely accepted college entrance exam designed to measure a student’s college readiness.

“In Lovejoy, we strive to prepare each student for the future of his or her choice after graduation.  This free college admissions test gives all of our students at least one testing experience prior to their senior year,” states Dennis Muizers, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction for Lovejoy ISD. 

House Bill 3, approved by the 86th Legislature, provides reimbursement to districts for students taking the exam as a part of the college, career, or military readiness section established under HB3.

In addition to participating in free SAT testing on March 3, Lovejoy ISD students can access free online practice SAT testing through a Khan Academy and College Board partnership. For more information on testing resources, please visit

For Frequently Asked Questions about Schoolwide SAT Testing Day- Click Here