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Schoolwide SAT Testing - Frequently Asked Questions

Schoolwide SAT Testing Day Frequently Asked Questions

Testing Date:

March 3rd, 2021


Is SAT Schoolwide testing for all students?

This testing day is for students currently classified as juniors (eleventh-grade) students. Junior students will be automatically enrolled to participate.


Why is an SAT Schoolwide testing being offered?

Providing testing during the school day allows students to test in a familiar place while not having to worry about weekend conflicts. 


Why was the SAT selected over other college entrance exams?

Lovejoy ISD is an advanced academics for all district offering 31 advanced placement courses at the High School and preparing our students for success with college-level content. In addition, LISD utilizes the suite of College Board tests, which are designed to work together. 8th / 9th-grade students take the PSAT, which is designed to help provide areas of strength as well as areas to focus before a student graduates high school. 10th and 11th-grade students take the PSAT/NMSQT, which is another check-in designed to identify skills students have mastered as well as qualify for the National Merit Scholarship. The SAT is the culminating test which is used to indicate college readiness.


What time will testing begin?

Testing will begin at 8:45 am.


Why will testing time begin at 8:00 am?
In alignment with testing procedures, lunch can not be served to students until testing is complete unless there is currently an accommodation in place for the student. Starting testing at 8:45 am.


Who will proctor the exams?

Lovejoy High School Teachers


What if my student already has a score, they do not want to change?

Students who elect not to test on this day will still need to attend school.

Is there a makeup day offered for the SAT schoolwide testing day?

March 3rd was selected as the Lovejoy ISD schoolwide designated testing day. Unfortunately, there will not be a makeup day.


Do I need to pay for my scores to be sent to colleges?

Students can select up to 3 schools to send their scores to for free. If they choose not to send on test day, there will be a fee assessed for sending scores.


Will my student get lunch that day? 

Lunch will be served after testing is completed. However, if the student has an accommodation, testing will be paused during the test to allow for time to eat.


Is March 3rd a half-day?

No, this is a regular school day for all students. Junior students will return to their regular schedules after testing.


If my student has accommodations, will those be applied to the SAT testing?

All students that are currently receiving 504 and Special Education services have had their accommodation uploaded to College Board. Students will receive an email about their accommodations prior to testing. Room assignments for the day of testing will be shared with students one week before testing. 


How will my student know their assigned room testing location for the day of the test?

Students will be able to view their testing location in the commons area on the morning of the test. 


Are there test prep materials my student can access prior to taking the SAT?

College Board has partnered with Khan Academy to offer a free practice test - visit - for more information.


What if your student is already scheduled to take the SAT?

You may choose to keep the scheduled date as a second testing opportunity, or you may move that registration to another national testing date. 

For additional questions or concerns, please contact - 

Mary Shaw Cabrera and Bruce Coachman