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Strategic Planning - Living Lovejoy 2025


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The Board of Trustees and Lovejoy ISD launched strategic planning efforts seeking input from teachers, staff, students, parents, and the community to chart the course for continued success over the next five years! This strategic planning process known as Living Lovejoy 2025, began in February of 2020.

Living Lovejoy 2025, will honor the district’s core values, graduate profile, and board priorities while articulating and defining a collective direction and measures of success over the next five years. 

Living Lovejoy 2025 will consist of several phases throughout the Fall of 2020 and Spring of 2021 and will be a collective effort between the school district and the Lovejoy ISD community.

Phase I - Lovejoy ISD provided a survey to all administrators, and a broad cross-section of parents, teachers, students, and community members. The information collected helped identify Lovejoy ISD beliefs, strengths, define success around board priorities and identify areas of improvement. Complete

Phase II - A 60 - 70 member Steering Committee has been selected to ensure that a wide variety of representatives from across the District are included. These representatives include individual community members representing local businesses, non-profits, and higher education, administrators, teachers, parents, students, Trustees, and staff. This committee will review community survey data to identify objectives and strategies around the board priorities and identify areas of improvement. The Steering Committee will meet in February 2020 (Complete), November 2020 (Complete), April 2021, and then annually in June for the next 3-5 years. 


Phase III - Additional committees, known as Action Teams, are comprised of additional community members, teachers, parents, students, administrators, and staff who will help define strategies and specific action steps to reach each objective. Action Teams meet in smaller specialized committees with dates and times set with Team Leaders.

Identified Action Teams:

- Graduate Profile Action Team

- Educator Profile Action Team

- Continuous Improvement Action Team

- Community Engagement Action Team

- Safe and Positive Learning Environment Action Team

- Diversity and Inclusion Action Team (continues to meet monthly)


Once the Board of Trustees formally adopts the plan in the Spring of 2021, the action team will meet once annually in the Fall and Spring semesters to monitor and update progress for each strategy to report to the Steering Committee.

The strategic planning process will capture stakeholder input along the way to define the path towards continued success for Living Lovejoy 2025. The timeline for seeking final approval of the Living Lovejoy 2025 plan by the Board of Trustees in the Spring of 2021.

If you are interested in learning more about Living Lovejoy 2025, please feel free to contact Laurie Vondersaar, Executive Director of Communications at