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Instructional Technology

Technology Vision Statement


Lovejoy ISD will provide a technologically integrated curriculum to enable all district students to develop the intellectual, reasoning, and problem-solving skills to become leaders in the world community.


Lovejoy ISD  Believes


  • the use of technology increases student engagement and motivation, self-esteem, and other effective measures,  
  • the appropriate use of technology should meet the diverse needs of all students, K-12,  
  • the "effectiveness" of educational technology depends on the schools' goals, available technology will continue to develop and evolve; therefore school leaders should be proactive in their planning for the integration of appropriate future technologies,  
  • sufficient technological resources and training should be provided for administrators and staff and should assist in maximizing their effectiveness and efficiency,  
  • technology can help students build basic skills,  
  • the use of technology should be integrated with the current curriculum, child-centered instructional strategies, and physical facilities in order to extend the learning environment,  
  • technology can help students improve cognitive and metacognitive processes, every student should have opportunities to become competent in the use and knowledge of technology in order to prepare for personal and work experience, 
  • skills and knowledge developed by working with technology can transfer to other domains, including career education,  
  • the use of technology should promote the lifelong learning of students and should complement the partnership of school, community, business, and global resources, and  
  • technology can help teachers reach traditionally underserved students