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Kindergarten Testing and Referrals for Gifted & Talented

As a district, Lovejoy ISD does not do "blanket" testing (testing of all students at specific grade levels for gifted and talented services). All students in Lovejoy ISD considered for gifted and talented services must be referred through the PowerSchool Parent Portal (see other pages for detailed information).
We value academic instruction time and always aim to minimize interruptions to the school day. Early identification of students for gifted and talented services requires assessing students in settings and sessions that best meet the needs of our youngest learners. To assist families of kindergarten students, we conduct a portion of testing at school during the day over a period of several days. Kindergarten is the only grade level for which we use any classroom instruction time. 
Please note: This is one measure used for identification of G/T services. Students referred for G/T services complete additional testing outside of school. Again, for a student to be considered for G/T services, a referral must be completed through the portal. 
For more information about parent sessions and testing opportunities, click here
KindergartenImportant Dates
Kindergarten Parent Meetings
December 4, 2020- 9:00 AM
 December 9, 2020- 9:00 AM or 6:00 PM
(select one meeting- session information repeats)
2020-2021 Kindergarten Referrals
PowerSchool Referral form opens December 1, 2020
Referrals due January 8, 2021
Testing: Saturdays February 6 & 20*, 2021
*Due to inclement weather, February 20 testing was canceled.
All remaining kindergarten testing will be completed at the campus as the schedule allows.*
Testing will be at Lovejoy Elementary School by appointment
Parents must complete the referral form in PowerSchool