Design of Services

Lovejoy I.S.D. believes that all children can learn and is dedicated to quality instruction at all ability levels.  To ensure that this occurs, Lovejoy will provide gifted and talented services that offer a differentiated curriculum that is both advanced and enriched for students identified as exceptional learners.

(1)           Emphasis on higher-level thinking skills.

(2)           Emphasis on product-oriented learning to develop creativity.

(3)           Develop decision-making.

(4)           Provide for emotional growth by developing the following:

    Positive self-concept, self-acceptance
    Risk taking
    Self-evaluation skills

(5)       Develop self-directed, autonomous learning.


Gifted and talented students are those who excel consistently or who show the potential to excel in any one or combination of the following areas:  general aptitude, creative and productive thinking and ability, leadership ability, ability in the visual and performing arts, and psychomotor ability.  These students require educational experiences beyond those normally provided by the regular school program.

This definition is compatible with that of the State Board of Education as published by the Texas Education Agency's document The Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students.

Approximately 20%* of the students in Lovejoy ISD are identified as gifted and talented.
Students recommended for gifted and talented services are those students who demonstrate the need for differentiation as revealed by the data gathered. Criteria for placement include both qualitative and quantitative measures. Students recommended for services score a minimum of 96 NPR or APR (National Percentile Rank or Age Percentile Rank) on ability and academic achievement assessments. 

*students are served in specific academic areas which accounts for the higher identification.