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Academic Enrichment

Academic competitions can be a fun way of enriching a student's educational experience. They facilitate learning, offer a social outlet, build self-esteem, teach many non-academic skills such as public speaking, presentation and organization, build school spirit, often award prizes (sometimes even scholarships), and look good on college applications. There are academic competitions for every age and interest such as Academic UIL, Mock Trial, MathCounts, Chess, etc.

Our community is rich in educational opportunities. Events such as science festivals or interactive on-line chats with world famous physicists, Lovejoy students have a gold mine of activities to participate in. Can nanoscience really turn a red car to blue?  Attend some of the fun events happening around our metroplex, and get excited about learning!  The event list is always being updated, so be sure to check back regularly.

There are many benefits to joining a student organization. Lovejoy ISD offers numerous clubs at every campus. All students are welcome to get involved and make new friends, develop new skills and abilities, work as part of a team, learn to set and achieve goals, and much more. Join a student organization to share your time and talents and have some fun!

Summer camps help students develop character, learn valuable life skills, and discover new interests. Friendships are made while lifetime skills such as confidence, cooperation, time management, and communication are developed. Lovejoy ISD offers numerous exciting summer camps at which the student will benefit beyond the summer session. It’s about each camper having fun and learning for a lifetime.

Internships aren't just for college students. There are internship opportunities available for high school students who are looking to work in their chosen field of study. Students will gain valuable experience, make contacts and strengthen their college resume. Not sure what field you would like to study? An internship will help you to explore the possibilities. You could learn how a company or organization operates and gain valuable insight into those operations. An internship could open the doors to your future.
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