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Professional Development & Certifications

Professional Development


Learning In Lovejoy

Lovejoy ISD has a strong commitment to professional development, growth mindset, and continuous improvement. As such, LISD strives to create the very best learning opportunities for our staff.


Learning in Lovejoy is an annual, mandatory professional development event for all Lovejoy Instructional/Professional Staff.  This conference-like event includes presentations from nationally recognized researchers and presenters in the field of education.  The 2020-2021 Learning in Lovejoy Event will be the week of July 20, 2020. New Hires attend 5 days of training (4 with returning staff + 1 specifically designed for new hires).  


Learning in Lovejoy begins before the academic calendar.  By attending Learning In Lovejoy, teachers and staff receive a paid professional development (PD) exchange days during the academic calendar. 



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Learning out of Lovejoy

In addition to our Learning In Lovejoy professional development program, teachers are encouraged and supported to pursue growth opportunities outside the district.  LISD teachers and staff regularly attend local, state, and national conferences in all subjects and fields.  As part of the Educator Profile, LISD teachers are “Intellectually Equipped” and “Open to the Challenges of Learning.”




Teachers and aides in Lovejoy ISD are required to maintain valid certificates and credentials. 
Certification FAQ:
A TEAL(Texas Education Agency Login) account is required to obtain initial certification, add certifications by exam, or renew certification.

Please notify the Human Resources department of any certification renewals or additional certificates so we may update our records.