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Human Resources FAQ

New Employees

  • I am interested in a Lovejoy job.  How do I get an interview?
    • Each Lovejoy campus and department screens their own applications for scheduling interviews.  Most importantly, complete and submit your application, so that it can be reviewed by the relevant hiring administrator.
  • I was invited to a RIVS interview, but it’s not working properly.
    • If you need assistance with a RIVS interview, please contact HR Administrative Assistant, Aimee Jostrand for assistance.
  • I was invited to an interview.  What can I expect?
    • For details on instructional interviews click here
    • For details on non-instructional interviews click here
  • I recently accepted a position with Lovejoy ISD.  When will I get my badge, keys, and access to technology?
    • All new hires will attend a 3 hour New Hire Meet & Greet shortly after their board approval. At that Meet & Greet you will get your badge (with building access), email and technology access, as well as, information regarding payroll, benefits, and any outstanding personnel documentation (service records and transcripts).
  • Who do I forward my past service records and transcripts to at Lovejoy ISD?
    • Please forward all past service records and transcripts to your assigned Human Resources Generalist.
  • Do transcripts and service records have to come directly from the school?
    • Yes and No.  Electronic Transcripts must come directly from the school. Printed transcripts must be official copies in a sealed envelope.  Service Records do not have to come directly from the school; however, they must be original records not copies.
  • Does Lovejoy have Childcare?
    • Yes!  Lovejoy has a tuition-based childcare center, preschool, and after school care programs available to employees’ children.
  • What is Learning in Lovejoy?
    • Lovejoy ISD has a strong commitment to professional development, growth mindset, and continuous improvement. As such, we strive to create the very best learning opportunities for our staff.  Therefore, we created Learning in Lovejoy - an annual, mandatory professional development event for Lovejoy Instructional/Professional Staff.  Each year we strive to have first-class engaging, inspiring, informative, creative, and practical speakers and topics throughout Learning in Lovejoy.

Current Employees

  • How do I request my service record?
    • Current employees can request their service records by completing the “Service Record Request” form on Frontline Education.  Employees can start the form themselves or request it be sent to them by an HR team member.
  • How do I change my telephone number, address, or name on file?
    • Employees can make changes to their address and phone number through the Employee Portal Access.  Official name changes can only be made by submitting a new Social Security Card to Human Resources or Payroll.  We will update your name in our systems, with benefit providers, and TRS.
  • Employment Verification Contact?
    • Employment verifications involving wage verification should be sent directly to the Payroll Coordinator, Tracy Henderson.  Employment dates and titles only will be confirmed by HR Generalists.
  • Loan Forgiveness Contact
    • Benefits Specialist, Cheryl Perez, leads our loan forgiveness process. 
  • Badge Loss and/or Replacement
    • For security purposes, employees who lose their badge must notify their supervisor and/or Hannah O'Connor immediately.  The badge will be deactivated and replaced at a cost of $7.00 to the employee.
  • What is a qualifying life event for benefits?
    • Qualifying Life Events (QLE’s) include family changes such as marriage, birth or adoption of a child, loss of other coverage, and divorce.  It is best to contact our Benefits Specialist to see if you have any questions at all about what might be considered a QLE.
  • How long after a Qualifying Life Event (QLE) do I have to make changes to my benefits?
    • You have 30 days after a QLE to make changes.  However, it is usually best to make changes as soon as possible, since they cannot be made after 30 days.  Contact Benefits Specialist with any additional questions.