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Compensation & Calendars

Annualized Compensation
The Lovejoy Independent School District is an “Annualized Compensation” employer.  Salaries earned over a 10-month or 11-month period are spread over 12 months depending on the employee’s classification.  Paychecks are issued monthly on the 15th of the month (exceptions are made for holidays and weekends).
The following annual pay cycles shall apply for employment classifications in the District: Professional Personnel, Secretaries, Clerks,  Aides,  Maintenance and Central Distribution Personnel
  • 12-month employees – July 1 through June 30
  • 11-month employees- August 1 through July 31
  • 10-month employees – September 1 through August 31

New employees are given the option (first year only) of receiving their paychecks based on 12 months (13th check advance).
Staff Workday Calendars
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