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Groupwise Migration

Why the move to Google and what does it have to offer me?

  • GroupWise has become outdated and slow with limited support for performance issues.
  • Direct access to GroupWise on mobile devices is cumbersome and frequently unreliable.
  • While GroupWise WebAccess has been greatly improved, it still lacks the functions and features of other communication suites.
  • LISD students are already using Gmail for their Lovejoy e-mail account, and the plan is to transition all LISD staff to Gmail.
  • There are more benefits to using Google Apps than just e-mail. It’s a suite of productivity, communication, and collaboration tools that include calendaring, instant messaging, video and voice calling, online documentation (creation, sharing, and storage), and more.


What components will be automatically migrated to Gmail?

The requirements will include the migration of e-mail, archives, contacts, and appointments (calendar items). All efforts will be made to minimize disruption.


Is there anything I can do to prepare?

Yes. All users can begin preparing by reducing the amount of items in GroupWise, particularly the number of e-mail messages within the GroupWise mailbox and archive. Reducing your mailbox and archive size will help lessen the migration time.


More information will be shared in the spring about migration details, FAQs, online documentation, and training materials.