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Dear Parents,

Transition is a part of life.  It happens when we are born, learn to walk and talk, go to school, learn to drive, graduate from high school, get a job, go to college, etc. As parents we experience transitions as our children grow, develop and become adults.

As a parent of a child with a disability, the Federal Government, through IDEA, has mandated how a school addresses the transition process. Transition is an outcome oriented process planning for and guiding a child with a disability into the adult world. Areas that are addressed are education/training, employment and independent living. The goal is to equip the student through training and support to be as independent as possible. This is a very individualized process and starts with the ARD.

There are many post-secondary outcomes for a student with disabilities. Outcomes can include college, trade school, on the job training, full time or part time employment, living independently, living at home with parents, and/or independent living with supports from outside agencies. The post secondary outcome is based on age appropriate transition assessments, including school/classroom assessments, as well as the goals and desires expressed by the student and/or the student’s parents.

Lovejoy ISD is committed to supporting both the student and the families through this transition process. This website will be updated to include new resources or trainings that become available.
More information on guardianship options and transitional guides: