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Board Priorities

2020-2021 Board Priorities



Priority 1

Lovejoy ISD will continue to demonstrate growth in student academic achievement as evidenced by a broad range of academic measures appropriate for the elementary, intermediate, middle, and high school levels. The Lovejoy ISD Graduate Profile (Intellectually Equipped, Open to the Challenges of Learning, Well-Rounded, Engaged in a Healthy Lifestyle, Fair and Respectful of Others, Works for Justice in the Community) will become a prevalent part of all students’ pursuits.




Priority 2

Lovejoy ISD will continue to strive to be recognized as the employer of choice for educators who believe districts should be defined by a culture of superior work ethic, mission-driven behavior, continuous improvement, growth mindset, and positive relationships with students, parents, and colleagues. The Lovejoy Educator Profile will become a prevalent part of all members of the team.




Priority 3

Lovejoy ISD will use established measures to evaluate all areas which impact the student experience. A sustained focus on continual improvement in all aspects of district services remains a constant with the continued goal of providing the highest quality of learning experiences for our students, with the goal of a balanced budget and protection of the Heart of Lovejoy..




Priority 4

Lovejoy ISD will develop stronger community connections and confidence through effective communication with both internal and external stakeholders.




Priority 5

Lovejoy ISD will continuously examine and analyze the best practices of implementation for safety and security; enhancing safety and protecting the positive learning environment and by ensuring the personal/social needs of Lovejoy students are addressed.