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Board Priorities

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Board of Trustees Priorities 2022-2023

Approved by the Board of Trustees on 09/26/2022

Priority 1: Academics
Lovejoy ISD will continue to demonstrate growth in student academic achievement as evidenced by a broad range of academic measures appropriate for the elementary, intermediate, middle, and high school levels. The Lovejoy ISD Graduate Profile (Intellectually Equipped, Open to the Challenges of Learning, Well-Rounded, Engaged in a Healthy Lifestyle, Fair and Respectful of Others, and Works for Justice in the Community) will become a prevalent part of all students’ pursuits. Students will personify the Graduate Profile by experiencing challenging and engaging learning.
Research-based instructional strategies will be strategically partnered with innovation. We will carry forward the strategic targets identified in our LOVEJOY 2030 Strategic Plan and provide students with opportunities to build Future Ready Skills.

Priority 2: Culture: Legacy of Excellence
Lovejoy ISD will continue to strive to be recognized as the employer of choice for educators who believe districts should be defined by a culture of superior work ethic, mission-driven behavior, continuous improvement, growth mindset, and positive relationships with students, parents, and colleagues. Lovejoy ISD team members will align their actions with our Core Values and prioritize relationships, learning collaboration, results, and fun. Lovejoy ISD will invest in a culture that provides exceptional learning opportunities for students and supports their development toward the Graduate Profile.

Priority 3: Continuous Improvement and Financial Sustainability
Lovejoy ISD will evaluate all areas which impact the student experience. A sustained focus on continuous improvement in all aspects of district services remains a commitment with the goal of providing the highest quality of learning experiences for our students. In support of organizational health and effectiveness, Lovejoy ISD will continue to prioritize planning for short and long-term financial sustainability. We will strategically balance financial decision-making with Lovejoy ISD’s mission and commitment to the Lovejoy Experience. Our priority on legislative advocacy in the area of school finance will be emphasized through implementation of a Board Legislative Sub-Committee.

Priority 4: Parent and Community Partnership
Lovejoy ISD will build strong community connections and trust through effective communication with both internal and external stakeholders. Through a shared commitment to our mission and core values, we will build upon Lovejoy ISD’s Legacy of Excellence. We will maintain high expectations and leverage the collective impact of the Lovejoy ISD community to ensure achievement of outcomes on behalf of students. Lovejoy ISD traditions will enable us to honor the past, celebrate the present, and provide a continuing legacy for the future. Parent and Community involvement and transparency will be prioritized as tools for continuous improvement.

Priority 5: Safety and Security
Lovejoy ISD will continuously examine and analyze best practices in the areas of safety and security. We commit to a focus on safety, security, and protecting Lovejoy ISD’s positive learning environment. The personal and social needs of Lovejoy ISD students will be prioritized.