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Purchasing » 2019 Lovejoy Showcase of Vendors

2019 Lovejoy Showcase of Vendors

Lovejoy ISD invites you to participate in our Convocation Vendor Showcase! The Showcase will take place prior to our Lovejoy ISD Convocation--kicking-off the 2019-2020 school year!


The Lovejoy 2019 Showcase of Vendors Registration link is LIVE! 


More than 600 Lovejoy ISD employees will be on hand. Last year, almost half of those attending visited at least 8 vendors. We hope you will join us!


Lovejoy ISD once again plans for the best experience possible for educators and sales representatives alike while attending our second annual Lovejoy Vendor Showcase! Please read this packet thoroughly and review the enclosed requirements. Thank you!


WHO: All Lovejoy ISD & Cooperative Vendors wishing to participate.

WHAT: Educate staff on your products and services available from Lovejoy Approved Vendors. Participants will be allowed to draw attendees to their booth with demonstrations, samples or designed-for-fun contests. Bring your own setup to play Plinko, Wheel of Fortune, Putt for Fun, Pong Toss, etc. for promotional giveaways—These are not a requirement!


WHEN: Monday, August 12, 2019 from 8:00 – 9:30 a.m.

WHERE: Lovejoy High School, 2350 Estates Pkwy Lucas TX 75002

DEADLINE: Registration ends July 30, 2019.

Space is limited to no more than 40 individual booths in our Auxiliary Gym!


Select to purchase from these choices:

$250 Vendor Space

$400 Select 2 Vendor Spaces and save!

$300 Premium Vendor Space

$500 Select 2 Premium Vendor Spaces & Save!

NO REFUNDS – Please make arrangements for an alternate person to participate.



  • Choose and reserve your booth location(s) online.
  • Vendor set up time is from 6:30 to 7:45 a.m. on Monday, August 12.
  • Please arrive promptly to unload and set-up.
  • Lovejoy will incent staff with a Collect & Win! card to show that the cardholder visited at least a minimum number of vendor booths. Staff who complete their card & turn it in will be eligible for drawings to be held immediately before Convocation.

We hope that you will consider participating. This is your showcase, a wonderful opportunity to expose your business’ services and products to Lovejoy educators and staff. Attendance for Lovejoy Convocation is required for all staff. You are encouraged to provide incentives to draw staff to the Showcase & your booth!

Tina Tomson Lovejoy
Vendor Showcase Coordinator

NO REFUNDS – Please make arrangements for an alternate person to participate.



1. Booth space is limited to no more than 40 single booths which will be offered to Lovejoy ISD Approved Vendors on a first come, first served basis.

2. To secure your space, full payment must be made online with any required documentation. Send completed form (below) to Tina Tomson to provide information and details.

3. Please register by July 15, 2019.

4. You must be set-up no later than 7:45am and remain set-up until 9:30 a.m.

5. Your space will be a single 8’x8’ (with one 6’ folding table) or double 8’x16’ (with two 6’ folding tables) so plan and reserve accordingly to ensure your display and equipment dimensions will fit adequately. 6. Vendor may elect to provide prizes for game winners or by drawing. These winners are to be announced by CFO at start of convocation (9:45 a.m.). Vendors are invited to watch.

7. The northwest parking section is designated for vendor parking. Absolutely no vehicles will be allowed to drive on or off the grass. This will be enforced, no exceptions.

8. After unloading, all vehicles must be moved to the designated vendor parking section.

9. If you will be loading and unloading equipment on Lovejoy ISD property, proof of insurance may be required.

10. Available number of booths decreases as double booths are selected. (Lovejoy reserves the right to open the Competition Gym. This will occur only in the event that interest indicates filling both gyms and availability of gym.)

11. Electrical access is limited to Row 100. Electricity may not be accessible to every booth. Participants are required to provide extension cords, equipment and support.

12. If your company has special requirements regarding space or location, you must contact the Showcase Coordinator. Lovejoy cannot guarantee fulfillment of needs beyond packaged offer. 13. Vendor-provided logo will be featured on screen during prize drawing announcements.


Deadline to Register is July 30, 2019.