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Background Checks & Conflict of Interest

School Contractor Background Checks

Information regarding the requirements for conducting a criminal records check is posted by the Texas Department of Public Safety and may be viewed by following the link. The cost for each criminal records check is approximately $50.00
Conflict of Interest Overview
Lovejoy ISD Officer Conflicts Disclosure Statements
Barrett Owens, President

Amy Smith, Vice-President
Anne Smith, Secretary
Chad Collins, Trustee
Jeff Wood, Trustee
Marvin Bobo, Trustee
Jason Jaynes, Trustee
Katie Kordel, Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Jennifer DuPlessis, Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations
Dr. Laurie Tinsley, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services
Sancy Fuller, Executive Director of Special Education and Academic Support
Kevin Parker, Executive Director of Human Resources and Communications