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Cooperative Contract Sources

Lovejoy ISD uses a variety of contracts to provide goods and services such as office supplies, copy paper, furniture, etc. Some contracts are competitively bid by our staff. Other contracts have been bid out by school districts or governmental entities with larger volume buying power. Cooperative purchasing programs, listed below, make many of these contracts available for our use. (Some of the sites require registration for online browsing access. Contact Purchasing for assistance.)

By visiting the Approved Vendors List found at "Staff Resources - Purchasing" page, you will find list of vendors, available to us through various types of awarded bids/contracts, that are known to be approved and used frequently.

Contact a vendor representative for contract pricing and include Bid Number when entering a requisition.

For compliance with cooperative purchasing statutes, purchase orders must include only the items awarded to the selected vendor. To ensure full contract compliance, it is crucial that members and vendors review the actual award information to be sure Purchase Orders match.

See narrative below each cooperative group name for further directions on submitting orders. These steps are necessary for compliance. The words 'order' and 'PO' are used here to mean the original Lovejoy Purchase Order. "Copy" is an additional sending of the same order and must be marked "CONFIRMING ORDER - DO NOT DUPLICATE".  For compliance, POs must include the Bid Nbr.
Send all orders directly to the vendor with the 1GPA Bid Nbr shown and send a copy marked "CONFIRMING ORDER ONLY - DO NOT DUPLICATE" to 1GPA by email to [email protected] or by fax to 602-663-9515.
Allied State Cooperative (ASC) - ESC Region 19
Send all orders directly to the vendor with the ALLIED Bid Nbr shown and send a copy marked "CONFIRMING ORDER ONLY - DO NOT DUPLICATE" to Allied/Region 19 by email to [email protected].
BuyBoard/LGPC/Texas Association of School Boards,TML,TAC (BUYBOARD)
Most orders may be sent directly to the vendor. Fax a copy marked "CONFIRMING ORDER ONLY - DO NOT DUPLICATE" to 800-211-5454 or email to [email protected] In the case of Semester Purchase Orders (with a not-to-exceed dollar amount), usage reports must be sent on a monthly basis to BuyBoard. This may be done by sending invoices as received or sending a spreadsheet extracted from Ascender, listing the following details: Vendor Name, PO Number, Invoice Number & Invoice Amount.

Choice Partners/Harris County Department of Education (HCDE)
Per Choice Partners, "Please send us either a copy of your Purchase Orders or a monthly report of the amounts spent, dates, PO numbers and vendor names by email to [email protected]." Copies of POs must be marked "CONFIRMING ORDER ONLY - DO NOT DUPLICATE".
Central Texas Purchasing Alliance (CTPA)
Include the lead agency/ISD & Bid Number on your order. Send purchase orders directly to the vendor.

Educational Purchasing Cooperative of North Texas (EPCNT)
Include the lead agency/ISD & Bid Number on your order. Send purchase orders directly to the vendor.

Houston-Galveston Area Cooperative (HGAC)
Send orders directly to the vendor. Send a copy of the order marked "CONFIRMING ORDER ONLY - DO NOT DUPLICATE"along with a copy of the contractor's written quotation by fax to HGACBuy: 713-993-4548.   

Omnia Partners - formerly National IPA (National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance) / TCPN (The Cooperative Purchasing Network) - Region 4 / U. S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance
Send orders directly to vendor. 

Sourcewell - formerly NJPA (National Joint Powers Alliance) 
PEPPM National Contract Program – Technology Supplies
Reference bid number and quote on PO. Fax both the PO marked "CONFIRMING ORDER ONLY - DO NOT DUPLICATE" and PEPPM quote to PEPPM at 800-636-3779.

The following procedures must be followed to ensure compliance:
  1. Always request a TIPS quote, with the TIPS Contract No. referenced, from the TIPS Vendor.
  2. If and only when the Vendor is an “Automated Vendor”, please send the TIPS Quote & PO directly to the Vendor. A comprehensive list of “Automated Vendors” can be found at
  3. You must use TIPS Reseller Procedure when utilizing a reseller of the primary TIPS Vendor (found below). 
  4. To ensure a compliant TIPS purchase when purchasing from a vendor that is not on the list of Automated Vendors, you must submit the TIPS Quote & PO, both referencing the Contract No., to [email protected]. Please note, all vendor instructions must be included on the PO. Your PO submission email is not seen by the Vendor. Note: Although TIPS allows a PO to be sent directly to a vendor that is NOT "Automated" as long as a copy marked "Confirming Only" is sent to TIPS, it is the buyers' responsibility to verify the purchase is in compliance with the contract. 
State of Texas Cooperatives:
Orders using state cooperatives require coordination with Purchasing and sometimes Technology

Department of Information Resources (DIR)

Term Contracts (administered by the Comptroller of Public Accounts)

Texas Multiple Award Schedule (TXMAS)