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Tracy Henderson » Tracy Henderson, Coordinator of Payroll

Tracy Henderson, Coordinator of Payroll

Tracy serves as the Coordinator of Payroll for the district’s Business Services department. This role includes complete control of payroll as it pertains to payment, benefit reconciliation, bank transfers, quarterly returns and yearly W-2’s. She assists employees with garnishments, child support fulfilment, verifications of employment and other special cases involved in payroll. The “customer” service aspect of her job is working with the other employees one on one for specific needs, is markedly her favorite part.


A 13-year veteran of Lovejoy ISD, Tracy has also held roles in the Curriculum department as an administrative assistant and district textbook coordinator, and accounts payable side of the Business Services department. She specifically helped with requisition of hundreds of textbooks during the district’s rapid expansion. Prior to her work in public education, Tracy worked for 30 years in corporate roles, first in banking and then payroll for staffing agencies and CPA firms.


Tracy has shared 29 years of marriage with her husband, has two boys and two grandchildren. Tracy and her husband love to travel, specifically catamaran trips in the Caribbean as well as RV camping trips.