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ACT June 13th Cancelation 


Due to COVID-19 school closures, on May 4th, the June 13th ACT administered at LHS was canceled. Unfortunately, ACT made an error and did not remove LHS as a testing site for the June 13th exam. 


We are currently working on an alternate test date in July. 


If you would like to register for this date, please check the ACT website as they will update the testing dates as soon as they are finalized. We will be sure to comply with all COVID-19 requirements from the Texas Education Agency for any future test dates.


Tutoring 101
Lovejoy ISD and Tutoring 101 are partnering to bring Tutoring 101 services to Lovejoy High School. Tutoring 101 will offer ACT Prep Classes. This partnership is a revenue sharing mode between Tutoring 101 and Lovejoy ISD. Click here: Tutoring 101@Lovejoy High School for additional information.