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Now Accepting Pre-Kindergarten - 12th Grade Tuition Based Enrollment  Contact:                                                                                                                       #lovewhereyoulearn
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Lovejoy Test Prep and Tutoring

Why Choose Lovejoy Test Prep and Tutoring Services? 
Select services from the District you already know and love.
Sessions are facilitated by your Lovejoy educators on Lovejoy campuses.
 Maximize your child's one-on-one time with small class sizes.
Receive customized learning packages.
Bundle services for discounts. 
SAT Test Prep 
Lovejoy ISD is pleased to offer SAT test preparation. Class sizes are limited to 12 students. Don't delay!  For more information, click on SAT on the right.  
Tutoring 101
Lovejoy ISD and Tutoring 101 are partnering to bring Tutoring 101 services to Lovejoy High School. Tutoring 101 will offer tutoring for K – 12 students in any subject area needed. This partnership is a revenue sharing mode between Tutoring 101 and Lovejoy ISD. Click here: Tutoring 101@Lovejoy High School for additional information.