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Community News Distribution Request


Requests to distribute information must be approved through the Communications Department. All requests are subject to the District's policies and guidelines.

Submissions will fall into two categories:

  • School-Related
  • Non-School Related (Community) - View GKDA policy for more information on the distribution of non-school materials.

The Community News website is where electronic information and flyers will reside. Links to the Community News website will be placed on each campus newsletter, the weekly Message from Mike (Superintendent Newsletter), and linked directly from each Lovejoy ISD website. Lovejoy families will be encouraged to check the Community News website for the latest information.

Submitting your information below will send it to the proper District personnel responsible for approval. Please allow at 48 hours for approval and posting.

Submissions must be in PDF format and ready for distribution

Is this information for a Lovejoy ISD school or school related organization? (PTO, Booster Club, Senior Project, Fine Arts Event, Etc.)*
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