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Instructional Technology

It is imperative that our students respond to our ever-changing world by moving beyond being consumers of knowledge and instead contribute to a global society by creating and applying their solutions to real-world problems. The digital world enables collaboration, multimodal communication, ways to create and share new knowledge, and opportunities to connect with others. As the Lovejoy Technology Department, it is our responsibility to provide the tools and resources necessary to redefine the educational experience for all students and empower staff to ensure educational excellence by utilizing current and emerging resources as tools for lifelong learning.

All educators harness technology to accelerate innovation and
redefine the educational experience to prepare students to positively
impact the world by being productive citizens in an interconnected and
ever-changing society and reach their greatest potential.

The Lovejoy Technology Department provides technologically
sound environments and inspires and empowers educators to use
technology as a tool to innovate teaching and learning.
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