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Graduate Profile

Lovejoy High School Graduate Profile


Major precepts pursued by each graduating Lovejoy High School senior


Intellectually Equipped


The Lovejoy graduate has faced a challenging curriculum that has prepared him or her for a successful college experience. The courses taken at Lovejoy matched the student's strengths and interests, as well as challenged his/her mind, imagination, feelings and social consciousness. The Lovejoy graduate is able to think critically and can express ideas clearly through oral and written expression. He or she has developed an academic skill set that allows for mastery of highly rigorous coursework. The graduate has learned to discern quality work from mediocre efforts and has chosen to pursue excellence by relying on self-discipline, initiative, creativity and integrity.


Open to the Challenges of Learning


The Lovejoy graduate has a diverse background of formational experiences that have given him/her opportunities to learn and grow. The graduating senior has learned to be reflective and self-evaluative. Having experienced Lovejoy High School as a safe haven for the mistakes and false starts inherent in learning, the graduate understands that risk-taking and resiliency are necessary for growth. He or she values being viewed as an adult and feels prepared to manage more complex responsibilities. The Lovejoy graduate accepts the challenges of lifelong learning.




The Lovejoy graduate has had a variety of experiences beyond the classroom. Opportunities to excel in art and music, on the stage and on the athletic fields have led the graduate to view aesthetic and physical development as essential to an education. The graduate has participated in extracurricular activities that promoted teamwork, leadership, responsibility, humility and physical and emotional fitness. In competitive arenas, the graduate has learned the value of fair play and respect for teammates and adversaries alike.


Engaged in a Healthy Lifestyle


The Lovejoy graduate has demonstrated the self-discipline to pursue physical, cognitive and emotional health. She or he has developed the desire to engage in a healthy lifestyle, including a life-long commitment to physical activity. The Lovejoy student understands the physiological effects of lifestyle — including nutrition, exercise, and high-risk behaviors — on long-term health. He or she has developed the habits and self-discipline to achieve life-long wellness.


Fair and Respectful of Others


The Lovejoy graduate has had the opportunity to interact with students, teachers, administrators and parents in a variety of settings. He or she has chosen to act in accordance with the principle - treat others as he or she would want to be treated. These experiences have led the student to go outside himself or herself to find happiness and joy in the love, friendship, and companionship of others.


Works for Justice in the Community


The Lovejoy graduate has experienced the satisfaction of giving and service. She/He has learned through service projects to comprehend the abstract ideas of justice and community. The student has begun to appreciate the need to couple ethical thinking with ethical action. Ultimately, the Lovejoy graduate has learned to respond in love and service to those in need and now strives to move beyond self-interest in relationships with others.