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Inclement Weather Procedures



Lovejoy ISD is dedicated to making sure all parents and students are informed about school delays or closings due to inclement weather. The district utilizes a number of resources to notify individuals about school delays or closings, including several radio and television stations. While we recognize that all parents will not be reached through a single information source, our hope is that collectively we can provide ample avenues to obtain timely information.


In the event of inclement weather, updated information will be posted on the Lovejoy ISD website as well as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Information will also be distributed through the district’s SchoolMessenger Notification System.


Please keep in mind that LISD will not send out or post notification to confirm school is in session. Parents, employees, and students should assume a normal school day unless notified otherwise.

The website will always be the most up to date location to obtain information about Lovejoy ISD school delays or closings.


How does the district determine late start, early dismissal, or a “no school” day due to weather conditions?


The district has several steps we follow:

  1. We keep an eye on the weather reports during the day and into the evening. If there is a bad weather system coming through during school hours, we follow the system to see if it will hit before or after school is released. We determine if it is safer to release the students early and get them home or to hold them until regular time. We try, if at all possible, not to dismiss school early due to weather, except in rare extreme weather conditions.
  2. For a storm system that might come through during the evening hours and into the morning, there are a few options for this school year: call a 2-hour delay, cancel school or provide Asynchronous Instruction (with 24-hour notice). Decisions are determined, again, by watching the news forecast and predicting whether the storm will remain in the area to negatively impact getting buses out on time or will remain in the area throughout the next day.


During bad weather, we make every attempt to assess the road conditions and notify staff and students as early as possible. Depending on the accuracy of the information, we try to give advance notice to parents and staff by calling a 2-hour delay or canceling school the night before. However, if we are unsure the weather pattern will continue throughout the night, we will wait and make a decision by 6:15 a.m. the next morning.



Media Announcements 


Television Stations 

  • FOX - Channel 4
  • NBC - Channel 5
  • WFAA- Channel 8
  • KTVT - Channel 11



Radio Stations

  • 94.9 KLTY
  • 820 WBAP