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Facility Leasing/Rental

School buildings and other facilities shall be made available to groups that wish to conduct activities which promote, stimulate and foster the interest of students and the community, as well as activities which promote the efficiency of the school district, so long as such activities do not conflict with the school program and community expectations for the District. Programs serving District students will be given priority for use. The Lovejoy ISD guidelines shall pertain to all groups who desire to use schools and/or other facilities in accordance with this policy, policy GKD LEGAL and regulation.

All use of school facilities by non-district entities will be coordinated through the office of each facility. All Athletic facilities will be coordinated through the Athletic Department.

Non-District Activities
  • Contact the campus to check availability of space desired
  • If the space desired is available, the campus will tentatively schedule the event
  • Campus will complete a "Facility Use and Energy Management Request Form"
  • Campus Principal will approve or deny the request and sign the form
  • If approved – Campus sends form to Central Office
  • If denied – Campus contacts requester to inform them of the denial

Once a request is approved by the campus and Central Office receives a copy, then Central Office will review for approval.

If approved – Central Office will:
  1. Determine applicable charges
  2. Notify campus
  3. Notify requester of approval and charges
  4. Send requester a Facilities Use Agreement
  5. Provide Custodial Staff instructions and/or setup directions   
If denied – Central Office will notify campus and requester