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Lovejoy Library Media Centers

The Lovejoy libraries are essential learning environments that adapt and evolve to
provide physical and virtual access to a variety of ideas, information, and learning tools.
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Lovejoy students will attain knowledge and skills to become accomplished readers, independent learners, critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and informed citizens through the expertise of school librarians and the use of resources and services provided by school library programs. 


The Lovejoy library program and school librarian ensure that all students and staff are effective users of ideas and information by providing access to all forms of media providing instruction to foster literacy competency, stimulating interest in reading and using information and ideas, collaborating with other educators to support learning, and demonstrating effective leadership skills.

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library standards
The full library standards can be found here.
Lovejoy Library Commitments Lovejoy Librarian Commitments
  • Lovejoy ISD provides a quality library program that results in improved student academic achievement.
  • Lovejoy libraries are essential, safe, and inviting centers for teaching and learning.
  • Lovejoy libraries promote information literacy requiring targeted instruction to efficiently locate, accurately evaluate, ethically use, and clearly communicate information in various formats.
  • Lovejoy libraries provide equitable and universal access to information for inquiry including the pursuit, creation, and sharing of knowledge, and support for both student and professional learning. 
  • Lovejoy libraries foster and support a passion for reading, learning, and pursuing individual interests, which are essential skills for college and career readiness and for life.
  • Lovejoy libraries are vital technology centers, providing access to devices and online resources, supporting personalized learning, and teaching digital literacy including privacy, safety, etiquette, creative credit, cyber bullying, and creating a positive digital footprint.
  • Lovejoy librarians maintain a professional collection of print materials and digital media.
  • Lovejoy librarians are an integral part of the instructional team.
  • Lovejoy librarians support learners with resources that meet their academic and personal needs.
  • Lovejoy librarians model and teach others how to make ethical and informed decisions.
  • Lovejoy librarians teach the skills and habits necessary for students to become self-reliant, independent learners, and responsible, contributing citizens.
  • Lovejoy librarians embrace and implement technology and teach students to use it responsibly and effectively.
  • Lovejoy librarians assist students in accessing information efficiently and effectively.
  • Lovejoy librarians investigate, initiate, and implement positive change and new ideas that will effectively prepare students for life.
What is Sora?
Sora is an award-winning digital reading application that empowers students to discover age-appropriate ebooks, audiobooks, and more from their school library. Lovejoy ISD currently offers students access to digital library books through SORA. The District has the ability to curate the collection of books accessible to students through the SORA platform. However, publishers at times have included external links with the digital books, similar to what is found in some hardcopy books. These external links are not maintained by the District and are not a material within the control of the District. The District neither selects the external links nor endorses the specific links. The District believes the online SORA platform is a beneficial program and will continue to allow students whose parents agree to utilize the resources.
Parents may access a list of digital books their children have checked out by following the steps noted below. 
Sora also allows you to connect your county or city library Sora account to access digital books.
In the spirit of transparency, the District is notifying parents of their right to opt out of the use of the SORA platform for their children. If you elect to not have your child access digital books through SORA, please contact your campus librarian.