Enrollment for New Students

On-Line Enrollment for New Students & Kindergarten Registration
Welcome to Lovejoy ISD!
The Lovejoy Independent School District is pleased to offer on-line enrollment for students who are new to Lovejoy ISD. This on-line process allows for documentation to be submitted and safely uploaded to the district.
The process is as follows:
1. Complete the following questionnaire to begin the online enrollment process for students who are new to Lovejoy ISD. Please complete one questionnaire for your family, listing all students on the form.
2. Upon receipt of your completed questionnaire, the district will email electronic enrollment packets, which are encrypted and secure, to the parent's email address provided in the questionnaire.  
3. The parent completes and submits a separate enrollment packet for each new student enrolling. This process includes uploading scanned copies of the following documents:
Proof of Residency
Birth Certificate
Social Security Card
Immunization Records
Parent's Driver's License 
and, if applicable:
Prior School's Report Card or Transcript
Prior School's Withdrawal Form
4. The corresponding campus will review the enrollment packets as they are received.
5. If additional residency information is required the district will notify the parent.
Should you have any questions regarding on-line enrollment, please contact Nancy Lessner, PEIMS Coordinator at nancy_lessner@lovejoyisd.net
Thank you for choosing to call Lovejoy home. We look forward to welcoming you and your family!
Campus Enrollment Contact Information:
Hart Elementary/Alis Brantl
Phone: 469-742-8160 * alis_brantl@lovejoyisd.net
Lovejoy Elementary/Sondra Payne
Phone: 469-742-8083 * sondra_payne@lovejoyisd.net

Puster Elementary/Kendra Card
Phone:  469-742-8283 * kendra_card@lovejoyisd.net

Sloan Creek Intermediate School/Lori Esser
Phone: 469-742-8303 * lori_esser@lovejoyisd.net

Willow Springs Middle School/Carol Vik
Phone: 469-742-8415 * carol_vik@lovejoyisd.net

Lovejoy High School/Jan McGill
Phone: 469-742-8710 * jan_mcgill@lovejoyisd.net