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What is Classlink?

Classlink is a cloud-based program that makes all our applications, digital textbooks, programs, and files available on any device with a web browser.

Web browser: Because we can use Classlink to access our resources, we do not rely on devices that have a large amount of memory.  This is more cost-efficient and allows for easier management.

Log-in: With ClassLink, the user can log in once and access all apps on any device. Classlink is set up to remember passwords or automatically roster students and staff so they don’t have to log in at all. Once the student or staff member logs in using their Google credentials, they can easily access all our sign-on apps in ClassLink.

Access:  Students and staff members can access all resources from school, or a personal device from home. If the applications were only on one device at school, then the student would have to remember all login information for every application used in school.

Dashboard: The dashboard in Classlink can be customized for our district and for individual users.  Staff members can add frequently used URLs to their personal dashboards and can customize their theme, icon size, and automatically launched applications.

Rostering: Many of our resources work directly with Classlink for rostering.  This allows the program to use information that is synced nightly to update all resources and information. We do not have to manually upload all student information into each program. The district administrator for Classlink can easily assign applications to campuses, grade levels, courses, classrooms, and individual users.

Analytics: Classlink helps us see the usage of applications and resources. This data is updated daily and can be pinpointed down to the individual user.  This helps us make informed decisions about programming and resources in Lovejoy.

Nightly Syncs: Because we use a rostering system through Classlink, the district administrator is able to monitor any errors that occur.  The nightly sync also adds new students directly into the system as soon as they are added to Powerschool.

Current Usage

Currently have over 200 district-assigned applications in Classlink.

We currently roster over 9,000 users in Classlink (staff, students, and guardians).

We currently roster 1,142 courses and 2,291 classes in Classlink.

We have had over 3.7 million launches of Classlink to date for the 2022-2023 school year.