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1st Annual LVJA Illustrated Cookbook
The past few months have thrown countless new challenges our way as a country and community. While we have had to miss out or reimagine many of the "norms" of our LJVA community's culture; one of the things that we have missed most is the chance to sit together around a table and share our favorite foods in celebration of things both big and small. Because of our LJVA belief that challenges simply offer a chance to be creative problem solvers, Lovejoy Visual Arts is excited to introduce the 1st Annual LJVA Illustrated Cookbook!
The diversity, community, and fellowship that we celebrate in the Lovejoy Visual Art studios is oftentimes centered around a good meal, sharing stories, laughs, and memories like all great family get-togethers.  In an effort to capture and celebrate the foods and memories that have brought us together, we are inviting our Lovejoy Community to do the same. 
Complete the attached Google Form to share your own recipe and have it included in the 1st Annual LJVA Illustrated Cookbook!  From the recipes that are submitted, our studio artists will select featured recipes to illustrate in their own artistic language.  Please use the Google form below to submit your own favorite family recipe so that it can be included in this new Lovejoy Tradition!
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Brandy, Farrah, Senior Project


Hello to all Lovejoy students and faculty! My name is Brady Farrah, I am a senior at Lovejoy High School. For the past few months, I have been working on the creation of a fundraiser, as my senior project, to raise money for our local charity All Community Outreach (ACO).  This Charity is helping those struggling and in need in OUR OWN community affected by the pandemic as well as other issues that have plagued many this year.  I created a website to sell t-shirts in order to raise money for ACO. And after several months of work, my website has officially launched and is ready to go. All I need now is YOUR help to make this fundraiser for ACO a success by making a T-shirt purchase and sharing the fundraiser on your social media!!  Let's make a difference for our families in need, especially heading into the holidays.  I thank all of you for your support!

Visit to make a purchase.

Check out to learn more about All Community Outreach

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