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Lovejoy ISD has become aware of multiple cases of fraudulent activity involving several Texas public school districts losing several million dollars. In addition, there are many other failed attempts on school districts and state agencies. According to reports and warnings from the Texas Association of School Boards and the Texas Association of School Business Officials, the publication of detailed information on school district websites containing vendors and amounts paid facilitated the perpetrators in sophisticated phishing schemes which appeared legitimate. It remains the mission of Lovejoy ISD to provide current, detailed and transparent information to our taxpayers. For over a decade, we have published the details of each check register and credit card statement. However, we must weigh the inherent risk of misuse against the overarching benefit of the information intended for our stakeholders. Therefore, the administration made a difficult but deliberate decision in February 2020 to remove the detailed information from the website.
Again, the removal of the information does not diminish our dedication to make the information available to those wishing to review the information. We are One Heart One Lovejoy and our mission is to protect the district relentlessly. The reports will continue to be produced each month and archived. As an alternative to posting, we are providing the request form below as an expedited pathway for citizens to request the reports. We appreciate your understanding and regret the unnecessary steps should they cause inconvenience. We will promptly send the reports directly to the contact e-mail listed once we verify the validity of the request.
This form above is intended to conveniently expedite the processing of the reports previously posted to the website.  In the event more information is requested, please follow this link to file a formal Public Information Request.
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