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Procurement Procedures and Links

Procurement Procedures Document

Contracting and Procurement Statutes


Local Government Code 252.021-.0436:


Local Government Code 262.021-.030:


Local Government Code 271.021-.029:


Texas Government Code 2269.101-.411:


Texas Education Code 44.031:


State and Local Government Use of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles for General Purpose External Financial Reporting:


Intent to Award Documents

Awarded Bid Information

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Open Opportunities & Closed Solicitations 

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Available Solicitations - Open Contract/Bid Opportunities

Closed Solicitations

Active Lovejoy Contracts


Authorizations versus Actual Expenditures 
Yearly Budget and Expenditure Report Totals-
2016 through 2020
Glossary of Procurement Terms
Lovejoy Director of Purchasing and Risk Management