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Referrals for Gifted & Talented

Referrals for Gifted and Talented Services
  • Referrals for Gifted and Talented Services are formal requests for a student to be tested.
  • To complete a referral, log in to the PowerSchool Parent Portal, select the student for whom you wish to complete a referral, and locate the Gifted and Talented Services icon on the bottom left of the screen.
  • Anyone may refer a student for review by the G/T committee for services (teachers, parents, other adults, students, self-referrals).
  • Referrals are accepted at designated times throughout the year. Students may be referred one time in a twelve month period.
  • Deadlines for referrals will be posted on the gifted and talented website
Click here for an overview of G/T services and the referral and testing process. 
What Happens After a Referral is Submitted?
  • The Department of Advanced Academics collects parent input and teacher observations
  • Students test- the tests needed are dependent upon the area(s) for which a student is referred*
    • ability
    • academic achievement
  • G/T Committees review each student profile and makes placement decisions 
  • Parent notification is mailed from the Department of Advanced Academics 
  • Schedule changes are made (as appropriate) after parent consent received
Students receiving gifted and talented services are those students who demonstrate the need for differentiation as revealed by the data gathered. Students score a minimum of 96 NPR or APR (National Percentile Rank or Age Percentile Rank) on ability and academic achievement assessments. Criteria for placement include both qualitative and quantitative measures.
*Transfer students, who have previously received gifted and talented services will be considered for services in Lovejoy ISD within one month from the date of registration (or the first day of school if a summer registration). G/T records will be requested.  Further assessment may not be necessary if the prior district can provide results from comparable nationally referenced assessments administered within 24 months.